If you’re in North County, you’re in the right place for great health care.

The primary care providers, doctors, surgeons, and specialists of BJC Medical Group in North County are experts in their fields. They’re part of BJC HealthCare, and that means they’re among the most accomplished and skilled practitioners in the St. Louis region.

And because they’re affiliated with the highly ranked Christian Hospital, they’re dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and quality of life of every single person they serve.

BJC Medical Group practitioners specialize in internal medicine, cardiology, colorectal health, diabetes care, gastrointestinal diseases, geriatric medicine, hormone therapy, hypertension, weight management and women's health.

Explore this site to get to know them better, see their credentials, and get a glimpse of their off-hours personalities.

Because if you want the best health care in the region, you want the physicians of BJC Medical Group in North County.